Indoor & outdoor Body Music sessions

Body Music activities will take place in 2 dedicated indoor spaces located 5 to 10 minutes by bike from your accomodation. We’ll also enjoy different natural spaces (outdoor theater, beach, forest…).

Discover music improvisation thanks to group games : imaginary language, soundpainting, vocal band, circle songs, and many other experiences with body, voice and rhythm.

Start a repertory session to learn cover versions of modern songs (pop, rock, soul, hip hop, reggae…), world-music tracks (West Africa, North African, Mediterranean, Brasil…) or bodypercussion & movement pieces.

Body Music days will count around 6 hours of varied activities (Body Music technics, improvisation and music games, repertory sessions). Plus extra time (meals, parties, jam…). You’ll enjoy a free morning to have rest and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area.

Bodysong Océan - Programme 1

Goals of the musical training

  • Use your body as a musical instrument, actually our first musical instrument
  • Make it collective, express yourself in a funny way through body and voice, let it go
  • Boost your creativity, open up new possibilities
  • Explore a new musical language, discover new tools, expand your musical range
  • Develop the skills of listening and perception : accuracy of the sound, rhythmic precision
  • Develop the coordination between body and voice
  • Develop basic skills regarding rhythm and vocal technique
  • Discover and embody songs, rhythms and dances, and use them as a rhythmic and melodic framework suitable for improvisation
Bodysong Océan - Programme 2